Idea Time® Spark!

We're so excited to introduce you to our latest innovation programme, Idea Time® Spark!

If you want to reach a new level of thinking, drive profitability and make your business more competitive, then Idea Time® Spark! is the course for you.

Designed by leading innovation consultant Dr. Jo North, and influenced by her many years’ of commercial expertise and research, Idea Time® Spark! is filled with activities and information to improve both the quality and quantity of your business ideas.

What's Included

  • Thought-provoking activity worksheets to direct your thinking.

  • Seven fact-fuelled and results-focused modules, with extra bumper bonus sections for keen readers.

  • Seven Flipchart Friday videos jam-packed with facts and techniques that complement each session.

  • Online support from Dr. Jo and a community of like-minded professionals, supporting you to achieve your business goals.


Here's what you'll learn... 

Packed with the very best methods of idea generation, this online course will help you to compete with and outsmart your competition. Improve current processes and operations, or create a brand new, innovative product or service that will disrupt markets and help you to become the leader in your field.




Getting started

Capture, analyse and review your thoughts on your present situation and your goals for the future using one of Dr. Jo's favourite techniques. You will build on the outcomes of this analysis in later sessions.


What is an idea?

In this session, you will think about what ideas actually are, and how they're made. This understanding will help you to have more and better ideas.


How to layer your idea generation for richer, more creative thinking

This session will help you to understand the importance of stretching and layering your ideas, so that you don't necessarily go with the most obvious and predictable solution.


And lots more!

"“An idea is when two or more thoughts connect for the very first time.”

Dr. Jo North

Get innovating with Idea Time® Spark! today.


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