Idea Time® Perform

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our latest professional development programme Idea Time® Perform.


Idea Time® Perform


Accelerate your professional progress with Idea Time® Perform.

Based on years on commercial experience and world-class PhD research from Dr. Jo, the programme will provide you with the resources you need to leverage your own performance as well as those around you, to get you to where you want to be in your career.

What's Included

  • Twelve engaging and informative videos from Dr. Jo, to guide you through each section of the course.

  • Twelve fact-fuelled and results-focused sessions, packaged into your very own Idea Time® Perform Playbook. Each session includes extra bumper bonus sections for keen readers.

  • Thought-provoking activity worksheets to direct your thinking.

  • An individual 360° profile to improve your leadership style and reduce any blindspots in your performance.

  • A one-to-one coaching session with Dr. Jo or one of our trained Idea Time® coaches, to discuss the outcomes of your 360° feedback and how to use it.

  • Online support from Dr. Jo and a community of like-minded professionals, supporting you to achieve your business goals.


Here's what you'll learn...




Do you love what you do?

To kick off the programme, we take a look at how you feel about the the job that you currently do. You will gain clarity about whether it's the right path for you, and if it isn't, what you can do about it.

This session lays the foundation for the rest of the programme.


Making your difference

Understand the process behind making a real and positive difference. Reflect on your own contribution and performance and reflect on your organisation and how you feel about it.


Creating your vision

Get clarity on what you want to achieve, and define what success looks like to you. Think about your personal brand that you want to convey to others and the sort of difference and contribution that you want to make.


And lots more!

"High performance is about fulfilling your potential, outperforming your competition, living a well-balanced life and consistently smashing your goals.”

Dr. Jo North

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