Idea Time®

"I found the techniques very effective, and certainly I am a better equipped manager, with simple tools and tricks in my pocket through Idea Time"
Joe Lavan, Director, Coffey Northumbrian Ltd.

The Idea Time® innovation programme is an essential part of your professional toolkit. Expertly designed by Dr. Jo North, it will equip you with essential tools and techniques that can be used time and time again to tackle major and complex projects.

Our online innovation course is tailored to the specific needs of the individual throughout. It has been met with a phenomenal response from customers, whose jobs range from senior management roles in large and well-known companies, to high performers looking to start or grow their own business.

Because the time commitment required is less than 30 minutes per week, at a time and place to suit you, the programme has the benefit of providing a flexible and personalised development experience that does not require significant chunks of time away from the business.


What's Included

  • Four one-to-one coaching calls with industry expert Dr. Jo at a time to suit you.

  • Twelve fact-fuelled and results-focused modules, with extra bumper bonus sections for keen readers.

  • Thought-provoking activity worksheets to direct your thinking.
  • An online copy of each workbook, and a printed copy if you'd like one.
  • Nine Flipchart Friday videos jam-packed with facts and techniques that complement each session.

  • Online support from Dr. Jo and a community of like-minded professionals, supporting you to achieve your business goals.

  • A FourSight assessment that will offer essential information about your problem-solving skills, as well as where you contribute the most to the innovation process.

  • Our Influencing Styles Inventory, to assess and improve your communication and influencing skills.

Here's what you'll learn... 



Personal Brainpower

For the first 4 weeks of the Idea Time® programme, you will be settings your goals for the next three months, learning "whole brain thinking" and understanding ideas, to think about where they come from and how to have more, even better ones.


Creating team synergy

During the medial 4 weeks of the programme, you will be working to leverage your team - be that colleagues, associates or customers - to help you with your BHAG. This will be done by creating positive creative tension, creating the optimal culture for innovation to support you, and learning techniques to enhance your team and project meetings.


Making a difference

During the final 4 weeks of the programme, you will be making direct progress towards your BHAG by thinking about your influencing strategy to achieve it. This influencing strategy will include your personal style, group influence and how to deal with any 'difficult' people you may encounter. The concluding week of this module and the programme involves putting everything learnt over the course of the programme together and reflecting on your BHAG.


And lots more!

"I completed Idea Time® with Dr Jo, I found it enlightening and enjoyable, Idea Time® helped me to achieve my BHAG, with surprisingly little effort. I found the techniques very effective, and certainly I am a better equipped manager, with simple tools and tricks in my pocket through Idea Time®."

Joe Lavan
Director, Coffey Northumbrian Ltd

"Idea Time is an essential programme for anyone in business who wants to not only dream about the possibilities of where their businesses could go but develop effective creative strategies to bring those possibilities to life."

Amanda Selvaratnam
Associate Director of Research and Enterprise, University of York

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